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About the Project

CHAPTERBYCHAPTER.XYZ is a concept whereby self-publishing authors have an economical way to turn their books into audiobooks.

Audiobooks are an expensive luxury for self-publishers so this platform has been floated to try and find a way to turn that impossibility a reality - by allowing authors to drip feed their content to listeners as episodic podcasts, getting paid chapter by chapter.

Not only will the author be rewarded, chapter by chapter, but so will their co-conspirators, the voice artist. That is the concept.

The why...

My name is Michael O’Neill and I’m a self-published author of five, nearly six, books in the Science Fantasy genre. I have started this project because I’d like to find an economical way to publish the 800,000 words as audiobooks! An audacious project, I know – and an expensive one. I was also thinking that there are lots of other self-published authors out there that might be interested in doing the same thing but also aware that getting it done commercially would be a very risky venture.

What bother, you ask?

The United States’ audiobook market—predicted at US$1.5 billion in 2020, and growing at a seemingly sustainable 20 to 25 per cent per year for the next few years—is the world’s largest. Coming in second is the Chinese audiobook market, expected to generate about US$1 billion in the same year, up from US$450 million in 2017.

While audiobook sales are up and physical book sales down, it’s not a given that the two things are related. In fact, audio is pulling in new audiences – whether that’s listeners who don’t usually buy books, or readers listening to genres in an audio format that they wouldn’t pick up in print. Research by Nielsen Book found downloads of audiobooks in the UK were particularly high among urban-dwelling males aged 25 to 44…. and (a) study by The Publisher’s Association found 54 per cent of UK audiobook buyers listen to them for their convenience, while 41 per cent choose the format because it allows them to consume books when reading print isn’t possible.

A Chapter sample

This is the first chapter of the first book in my SF series, THE CASERE, read by David Kersten

The how...

Firstly step; the first chapter of a book is produced and is put online. The first chapter should be available for free for subscribers. Listeners would register their interest in more chapters (a pledge).

Secondly, after enough listeners have pledged their support for more chapters, the author would then commission the next chapter. Initially, it would be one chapter at a time, until the number of pledges are sufficient to produce all the chapters in the book.

Thirdly, a completed book would be available as an audiobook with proceeds going to both author and voice artist.

Lastly, the mechanism that allows all this to happen is still being developed and a plan to crowdfund the technology needed is in planning.

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